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"A Remarkably Effective Non-Surgical Treatment"

-Dr. David A. Edwards

Management of hemorrhoids with low level, galvanic electrolysis represents a therapeutic approach that offsets the disadvantages of hemorrhoid surgery. This out-patient approach is safe, usually painless, cost-effective and easily applied to the patient without loss of work time in most cases.


The Ultroid™ electrolysis Hemorrhoid treatment method used by Dr. Edwards at Bio Health Center consists of the application of a small probe (electrode) to each hemorrhoid using manual pressure under direct vision. This causes a gentle electrolysis that results in progressive and complete shrinkage of the hemorrhoidal tissue. One hemorrhoidal area is treated at each visit, the actual treatment lasting only a few minutes. The entire visit lasts 30 minutes per treatment. An average case presents with from 4 to 7 hemorrhoidal areas requiring treatment.


Careful history and examination establishes a diagnosis and reveals the extent of the disease. The fee is based on the extent of the problems(s). Insurance commonly covers part of the treatment cost, depending upon the specific language in the legal insurance contract.

  • The entire procedure is done in the office. Hospitalization is not necessary.
  • The treatments are virtually painless with, at the worst, temporary discomfort.
  • The patient walks to and from the treatment. There is no loss of work time.
  • Results in the vast majority of cases are permanent.
  • Out of town patients are welcome, because the patient can resume usual activities immediately after each treatment.
  • This treatment can be used if other modes of treatment have produced unsatisfactory results. No preparation, fasting, or cleansing of the bowel is required, and the patient can have normal bowel action after treatment.
Dr. Edwards has had years of experience using electrolysis to treat chronic internal hemorrhoids. This gentle, safe and effective therapy has helped literally thousands of his patients.

If you have further questions or wish to make an appointment, please phone our office at (775) 828-4055.

"No where in today's managed care, third party, media circus does anyone present the the patient and clinical practitioners philosophy... For years I listened to the insurers, managers, experts, professors, news pundits, bureaucrats and opinion makers. But I ultimately realized that I still had to sleep at night. From all third party perspectives any clinical practice is, in essence, 'anecdotal.' So now I listen first and foremost to my conscience. I had good teachers, good mentors and loyal patients as well. Although I think 'science' is important, technology, politics and economics are not science. The professional oath I took upon becoming a physician was to relieve patient suffering, honor those who taught me, teach those willing to learn and reveal no information shared with me in confidence. It didn't have anything to do with third parties. That oath is our philosophy at Bio Health Center..."
- David A. Edwards, MD, HMD
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