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Known as "Mesotherapy" in Europe, this technique is essentially a non-surgical medical alternative to cosmetic surgery and liposuction for melting away excessive body fat. The name Mesotherapy derives from the fact that virtually painless injections are used to stimulate the mesoderm, the middle layer of skin where fat and the fibrous connections of cellulite are located. By activating the local fat metabolism, the injections act as a natural emulsifying agent facilitating more rapid breakdown of blood and tissue fats for proper metabolism to energy. The concept of Mesotherapy was originally developed in France over 50 years ago and is currently used by more than 15,000 physicians in Europe and South America. This "secret" French beauty method is only now making its way to America's shores. Currently there are few American practitioners knowledgeable in and actually performing this remarkable cosmetic procedure.

Referred to more commonly in America as "Injection Lipo-Sculpting©" or "Injection Lipolysis©" because of its remarkable cosmetic clinical effect, the procedure is accomplished using multiple subcutaneous injections of very small amounts of a customized blend of homeopathic* and nutritional* remedies compounded to naturally rid the body of localized areas of mildly excessive fat accumulation. The series of skin-deep injections are applied just under the skin directly into trouble spots like chin, arms, abdomen, buttocks, hips or thighs and literally "emulsifies" or "melts" the fat deposit. The gradually liquefied fat then time-releases into the body over the following weeks where it is either used as energy or excreted. Lipo-Sculpting Mesotherapy therapy is not about loss of pounds, but about loss of inches... usually a dress size or a belt notch after four or five treatments and may reach anywhere from two to three inches off hips, waist and thighs. After 10 treatments, some may see the loss of as much as four to five inches off the waist.

Injection Lipo-Sculpting© brings back a more slim shape quickly and easily without the risks and recovery time surgery. The treatments gradually smooth and tighten the treated area(s) to a more youthful appearance. The results are usually long lasting or permanent, provided the patient makes any necessary dietary and exercise changes and sticks to them. Lipo-Sculpting© produces effects similar to surgical liposuction without the anesthetic or surgical risks. Areas of the body that can be treated with "Lipo-Sculpting©" include excessive fat under the eyes, chin, back of the arms, breasts, "love handles", bra line, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and/or around the knees.

Depending on the degree of excess fat accumulation and the area(s) of the body involved, a series of injections is administered to the target area every 10 to 14 days for a total of 3 to 10 or sometimes more sessions, depending on the area(s) involves and the extent of body sculpting personally desired. All injections are administered just under the skin (subcutaneous) using an extremely small needle (approximately the size of an acupuncture needle) and are virtually painless. Cold applications are applied before and after injection to minimize discomfort during the procedure. There is no post procedure "recovery" downtime. There are no reported side effects, except for initial swelling, redness, itching, mild post-injection discomfort and localized bruising that can last for 1 to 7 days. There are currently no known major or significant side-effects of injection Lipo-Sculpture. However, since one of the Nutritional-Orthomolecular ingredients in the Lipo-Sculpting solution is derived from soy, those with known soy allergy should avoid this procedure.

The cost of Lipo-Sculpting is determined by the number and size of the area(s) being injected and the volume of injection solution used. Up to 10 cc's of solution is standard, but additional solution may be used for an additional fee. Generally, the face and chin cost less than the arms, thighs, abdomen or buttock area. Since that cost of injection liposculpting varies with these factors it is best to discuss specific cost at the time of initial consultation by the individual patient. Injection Lipo-Sculpting is usually performed for cosmetic and/or aesthetic purposes, but may also be used to help fat loss in certain medical conditions. French Mesotherapy has also been reported to enhance immunity and be effective in treating rheumatologic, circulatory disorders and other chronic disorders. However, due to the unenlightened attitude of the U.S. "health" insurance cartel,"Injection Lipo-Sculpture" is usually considered to be a cosmetic procedure and is therefore usually not covered by any private insurance or pre-paid ("HMO-IPA-PPO") health plans and is NOT COVERED by any federal or state entitlement programs, such as Medicare, Medicaid, Champus, etc.

*Due to the use of homeopathic and nutritionally essential components of metabolism, the clinical use of Injection Lipo-Sculpting is classified as "Orthomolecular Therapy" as defined in Nevada law (NRS 630A.040(2) and Nevada Administrative Code (NAC 630A.014(1)(d).

"No matter how skillful one becomes, the great mysteries of Life will always hover just out of reach. One can never know all the answers. In the reality of everyday medical practice, no one can guarantee any clinical result... but I and my certified staff can and do promise to try to help each individual patient to the best of our abilities, by using all our knowledge, skill and compassion. Having been trained as a 'medical scientist,' I can bear witness to the simple fact that statistical science and individual reality do not share the same experience. The Quantitative 'eye' of the scientist perceives a different Reality than the Qualitative 'I' of the patient. And yet modern statistical science dismisses individual patient experience as 'anecdotal' and 'biased.' Such dangerous nonsense has caused much suffering and harm. Individual patient experience is the only true measure of the Quality of care. Relief of suffering, not statistical significance, is the patients real quest, their only quest... and the true physician's ultimate goal. I believe it was in Plato's Phaedrus that Socrate's ask's, 'do we really need anyone to tell us what is right?' Homeopathic Integrative medical practice provides the patient and practitioner with simple, non-toxic methods of treatment for relief of suffering... a natural union of clinical Art and Science... the true essence of medical service."
- David A. Edwards, MD, HMD
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