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DEFINITION: Parkinson's Disease was originally described by the English physician James Parkinson. Also known as "paralysis agitans," this chronic, progressive debilitating condition of the nervous system affects over one million people in the United States. There are more than 50,000 new cases diagnosed each year. The prevalence in the over 55 population approaches 1 in 100 people. Typically, Parkinson's disease is considered "idiopathic", which is to say that no clear-cut cause is readily identifiable. With that being said, the idea of preventing Parkinson's disease certainly does not fit with our understanding of this illness. New research, however, is revealing that certain lifestyle factors may considerably increase the risk of Parkinson's disease. In two fascinating reports in the January 1999 issue of Movement Disorders, the relationship of increased risk of Parkinson's disease to both occupational exposure to pesticides as well as intake of animal fats, was described.

In the first report, dietary data from 103 patients with the disease were compared to a similar number of controls. Those individuals having the highest consumption of animal fat were at a 300% increased risk for developing Parkinson's disease. Interestingly, there was a lower risk of Parkinson's disease in those individuals eating foods high in Niacin. There was also confirmation of the long-held belief that occupational exposure to agricultural work and pesticide exposure significantly increases the risk of Parkinson's disease. Why high-fat diets may increase the risk of Parkinson's disease is not clear. Nevertheless, there may be a relationship between these two studies in that consuming foods high on the food chain (animals) does increase an individual's consumption of fat soluble pesticides which are now ubiquitous in our environment. In the mid-1980's research demonstrated that a particular toxin could immediately cause Parkinson's disease. This has formed the foundation for a school of research exploring how a toxic insult can damage a particular part of the brain and cause a disease like Parkinson's.

DIAGNOSIS: the diagnosis of Parkinson's syndrome is usually made clinically. There are no specific conventional tests that can diagnose this condition with one hundred percent accuracy, although tests of neurological function and CT or MRI images of the brain are usually used to exclude other similar conditions.

TREATMENT: Conventional treatment utilizes symptomatic drugs to increase the amount of DOPA neurotransmitter in specific areas of the brain by several mechanisms, including increasing DOPA concentration, slowing its metabolism and enhancing its activity. Other symptomatic medications are directed at specific symptoms, such as the use of powerful antihistamines for the tremor, etc. Homeopathic Integrative medicine considers these standard treatments along with the use of Detoxification and the Orthomolecular use of intravenous Glutathione therapy and in order to treat the underlying cause of the neurological damage. Dr. Edwards and also includes consideration of External Counter-Pulsation (ECP) Therapy,... in order to treat the underlying cause of the neurological damage. Dr. Edwards and the certified staff of Bio Health Center are experienced in the use of intravenous Glutathione, ECP Therapy and other homeopathic Integrative therapies for Parkinson's sufferers. We believe that by offering a choice of approaches to this chronic, progressive disease the patient and their family can have more hope for greater functional ability over a longer period of time than current conventional therapy can offer. And at Bio Health Center we believe it is All about your personal health care choice.

"The healthy patient is a harmonious integration of Mind, Body and Spirit. Dis-Ease may occur on any or all of these levels. After practicing clinical medicine for over 25 years, I have reached the profound recognition that much Disease that afflicts Humanity is due to Man's imperfect understanding of himself and Nature. Although 'science' rejects any endeavor it views as 'metaphysical,' it is my professional opinion that any discipline that rejects the Spirit of Man cannot achieve final Wisdom."
- David A. Edwards, MD, HMD
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