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Varicose veins can vary from unsightly, cosmetically annoying spider veins to large, ropey disfiguring varicose veins of potential medical consequence. The larger varicose veins are usually a sign that significant damage has occurred to the internal valve system or the interconnections in the extremity vein network system. They are commonly the result of significant injury or past deep vein phlebitis and will usually require continuous support stocking use and/or surgery to correct them. The smaller, unsightly and cosmetically disfiguring spider veins and small areas of bulging or ectatic veins can usually be treated without surgery by one of several micro-invasive methods. The commonest method used to treat cosmetically unacceptable spider varicose veins is injection therapy.

Treatment of disfiguring and cosmetically unacceptable varicose veins is part of the "aesthetic" aspect of Anti-Aging medicine. There are a number of different injection solutions and methods that can be applied to these unsightly cosmetic defects. Each injection medication and technique of injection has its strength and weakness. The most common solution used for injection is "saline" or salt water. This has been in use the for the longest time and is the safest of all the mixtures that have been developed. Likewise, the injection method used also determines the potential side effects and potential results. Direct intravenous injection is the preferred method used in America. It requires considerable skill and even then, not all of the veins can be injected with this method because of their very small size. In addition, unsightly permanent pigmentation may result as the vein is treated if a solution other than saline is used.

The perivascular or "'dotting" injection technique using saline was developed in Europe to overcome the short comings of the American approach. This method can be used to reduce and eliminate (in most cases) all spider and most small bulging or "ectatic" cosmetically unacceptable varicose veins. Dr. Edwards has been specifically trained in the European "dotting" method of saline injection and has used this approach for the past 15 years with excellent cosmetic results. If you are concerned or bothered by cosmetically unacceptable varicose veins, call for a consultation with Dr. Edwards about the possibility of using the European "Dotting" method of saline injection. An effective, safe and inexpensive way to eliminate unsightly small to moderate sized superficial varicose veins, the European "dotting" method of eliminating unsightly and disfiguring superficial varicose and spider veins is offered in Reno exclusively at Bio Health Center by Dr. David A. Edwards.

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