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The medical use of Bee Venom has been recorded since ancient times. The first recorded modern use of Bee Venom Therapy was published in a series of papers beginning in 1835 and continuing through 1843 by a clergyman in Thuringia, Germany. This Homeopathic application of honey bee venom and the clinical response to this treatment in humans and domestic animals was described in this series of publications produced by Rev. Brauns. Medical interest in the use of both the venom and whole bees has continued since then. Bee venom has a long history in folk medicine in the treatment of various health conditions. Today Bee Venom therapy is part of a larger folk medicine discipline referred to as "Apitherapy," which utilizes many other bee hive products, including honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and Bee Venom.

Bee Venom has been used to treat arthritis, rheumatism, back pain, skin diseases and in the modern age as an "Alternative" medical treatment for multiple sclerosis and other neurological ("nerve") conditions. Bee Venom is actually an "FDA approved drug" for allergy desensitization and is listed in an official monograph in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). Bee venom is harvested from the stinger of bees that use it in defense of the hive. It is a rich source of enzymes, peptides and biogenic amines... all that meaning that there are alot of biologically active protein-like chemicals in Bee Venom. There are at least 18 biologically active compounds that have been identified in Bee Venom to date that have some pharmacologic properties. The exact mechanism of action of Bee Venom therapy remains a mystery, however. Some scientists have theorized that Bee Venom may modify immune system function(s) and also contribute to increased Adrenal Gland cortisol production.

Bee Venom has traditionally been applied using live bees and stimulating them to "sting" in the affected area of the body. Attempts to focus the stinging activity at or near "Trigger Points" or Acupuncture Points is usually attempted, but is obviously imprecise when using live bees. Unfortunately, using lives bees also results in the death of the bee after the venom has been injected by "stinging." Injectable Bee Venom is more commonly used by licensed health care professionals today. The newer harvesting methods developed by dedicated bee keepers in the past 30 years have provided a pure, reliable product and does not kill the bee in the process, which is quite a technical accomplishment. The venom is prepared from pure Bee Venom (Apis Veneum Purum) as a Homeopathic "mother tincture." The venom solution is injected just under the skin to imitate the effect of an actual bee sting, but is delivered in a much more accurate manner regarding the site to be injected and in a more precise, "standardized dose" and potency of the venom itself.

Bee Venom therapy is currently used for Arthritis (all types, including traumatic, osteo or rheumatoid), Chronic Neuro-muscular pain syndromes (neuritis, neuralgia, myalgia, etc.) and other rheumatic conditions. It is also used for chronic vertigo and other vestibular problems, eye inflammatory conditions (iritis, retinitis, optic neuritis), Auto-Immune disorders (Lupus, multiple sclerosis, polymyalgia rheumatica, diabetes with painful nerve syndromes, etc.) and in general neuropathic conditions ( peripheral neuropathy, spinal radiculopathy, early refelex sympathetic dystrophies. etc.). There is discomfort associated with the therapy, whether delivered by actual bee sting or the more accurate injection method. Redness, pain, swelling and inflammation occur at the site of injection/sting. These are actually desired effects and seem to be proportionate to the speed of recovery. The greater the local reaction, the faster the clinical response. Generalized reactions and allergy are to be avoided, however. Severe serious allergic reactions and anaphylaxis are rare, but have been reported. Obviously, patients with known allergy to bee stings should not use this therapy.

In general, therapy begins with a determination of whether there is allergy or not. If there is no history of allergy, a very small amount of Bee venom is injected under the skin and observation for 20 minutes for severe allergy takes place. The practitioner must be prepared for a severe reaction with injectable epinephrine, benadryl™ and other medicine immediately available, if needed. If there is no reaction the actual therapy begins, starting with two "stings" or injections. Treatment is given three times a week while gradually increasing the number of injections or stings. The length of therapy is determined by the severity of the condition being treated and the response noted by the individual patient, but averages several weeks to months. Apitherapy has been used at Bio Health Center by Dr. Edwards as a Homeopathic alternative to conventional treatments for conditions known to respond to this form of treatment. Response rates have been excellent, but depend on the condition being treated, the length of time the patient has been ill and the conventional treatment(s) used prior to using Bee Venom. Additional general information can be obtained from the Apitherapy Reference Database. If you or a loved one has any of the conditions mentioned previously and it has not responded to conventional therapy Apitherapy may be helpful. Call our office for an appointment at (775) 828-4055.

"No where in today's managed care, third party, media circus does anyone present the the patient and clinical practitioners philosophy... For years I listened to the insurers, managers, experts, professors, news pundits, bureaucrats and opinion makers. But I ultimately realized that I still had to sleep at night. From all third party perspectives any clinical practice is, in essence, 'anecdotal.' So now I listen first and foremost to my conscience. I had good teachers, good mentors and loyal patients as well. Although I think 'science' is important, technology, politics and economics are not science. The professional oath I took upon becoming a physician was to relieve patient suffering, honor those who taught me, teach those willing to learn and reveal no information shared with me in confidence. It didn't have anything to do with third parties. That oath is our philosophy at Bio Health Center..."
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