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The concept of regulation therapy comes from European scientific medicine, but the actual clinical application of "regulation therapies" has been practiced for thousands of years. Regulation Therapy is based on detecting and correcting disturbances in the body's subliminal vegetative and Neuro-Endocrine-Immune system functions. Acupuncture is the fundamental prototype clinical practice based on "regulating" body functions... in this case the "energy" or "Chi (Qi)" of the body. In fact, the different energies of the body. These include the "defensive" or Wei chi energy, the "nourishing" or Rong chi (Iong chi) energy and the "Ancestral" or Primal chi and others. The science of Acupuncture basically uses various techniques to "normalize" or "regulate" the disordered flow of "Chi" throughout the body. Therapeutic manipulation of points and vessels to achieve "harmony" and "balance" out of a state of disharmony or "Dis-Ease" is the fundamental concept of "Regulation Therapy."

In Europe, the original "idea" or concept of "Regulation" therapy actually appears to have arisen separately from and independently of the concept of oriental acupuncture. Neural Therapy, which was developed in the early 20th century in Germany from clinical practice, is the first recorded Western method of Regulation therapy that became widely applied clinically. It is now taught as part of the standard medical curriculum in European medical schools. Unfortunately, it is still not a regular part of the American medical school curriculum, but an abridged form of this type of Regulation practice has developed in America within the past 10 years called "Trigger Point therapy." Another form of "Regulation therapy" that developed in Europe is known as "Electro-Acupuncture (EAP)." Unlike Neural therapy, Electro-Acupuncture is based on Eastern Acupuncture principles, but uses an ohm meter to measure electrical resistivity of the skin and to measure and/or "regulate" the flow of "energy (Chi) within the acupuncture meridian and organ system. Unlike classic acupuncture, EAP is also used as a diagnostic tool in Homeopathic Integrative medicine. In this context it is commonly referred to as "Electro-Dermal-Screening (EDS).

Neural Therapy is the use of local anesthetic injections to re-regulate the Sympathetic-Parasympathetic nervous system. This bipartite primitive nervous system, sometimes called the "Reptilian nervous system" because of its "location" in a primitive area of the brain first seen evolutionarily in reptiles, regulates the "autonomic" (automatic) functions of the metabolism, such as heart beat, blood pressure, breathing control, temperature regulation, metabolic rate and others. Although all of these very important functions are essential to survival and well-being, they are all carried out below our conscious level of Being. If this system functions below our level of consciousness and yet is essential for survival, then it stands to reason that disturbances in this function will disrupt well-being, cause "Disease" and be below our level of consciousness. Nevertheless, "symptoms" of a disturbed Neuro-Endocrine-Immune system will not be below our level of awareness. Classic Neural therapy uses local injections into scars which are causing a local or systemic "dys-regulated" economy, into "segments" of the body that are out of sync with the larger systems and, when necessary, into sympathetic ganglia that "regulate" the organ or area of the body that is mal-adapted. In many cases the use of newly developed stimulation devices can avoid the need for injection therapy.

Two newer forms of European "Regulation Therapy" are increasingly being used by Homeopathic Integrative clinicians.They are called Bioresonance Feedback Therapy. and External Counter-Pulsation Therapy (EPC). Bioresonance Feedback therapy re-regulates
the body's electro-magnetic field using the bio feedback technique, but since it works primarily with the autonomic Sympathetic-Parasympathetic nervous system it does not require conscious input. Similar to EDS, Bioresonance Feedback therapy draws "information" about the Regulation status of the body's system and subsystems from the acupuncture system. Dys-regulated systems are re-regulated using Bio Feedback of frequencies and harmonics of those frequencies that have been filtered, inverted and corrected using sophisticated Bio Feedback devices. ECP THERAPY may work by physically re-regulating vascular autonomic tone by entraining the pulsatile nature of the entire vascular tree, similar to the effects of "Soliton Waves" in physics..

There are diagnostic tests that can evaluate and detect disturbances in the body's regulation systems. These tests are also used to evaluate the response to therapy and can objectively demonstrate improvement is disturbed functional regulation. For example, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) testing has been proven to measure the balance between the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic systems. This test employs computerized evaluation of the electro-cardiogram (ECG). Interestingly, HRV has been proven not to be influenced by the so-called "Placebo effect" or the power of suggestion. In other words, if a treatment alters the HRV it is real, not placebo or suggestion. This has become a powerful tool for practitioners using Homeopathic Integrative medicine to prove to skeptics that these modalities are effective. Bio Health Center routinely employs HRV testing as one method of documenting autonomic dys-regulation problems.

Dr. Edwards is a trained and certified Neural therapist, Bioresonance therapist, and EDS practitioner. After years of clinical experience we believe that Regulation diagnosis and therapy should be provided for every patient with chronic or unexplained health problems. Dys-regulation of the metabolism can cause weight problems, dys-regulation of the endocrine gland system can cause adrenal, thyroid, pituitary, PMS, premature menopausal symptoms, infertility or other sex-specific hormone problems, dys-reglation of the immune system can cause chronic fatigue, allergy or recurrent infections and dys-regulation of the Neural system can can chronic pain, memory problems, mood changes and other psycho-neurological symptoms, We have found that tests to determine and pinpoint Regulatory dysfunction to be very informative and helpful in most patients with chronic disease or symptoms that seem to defy conventional medical testing, and yet the patient really is chronically ill. Because of this experience, Regulation Diagnostic Testing and Therapies are routinely used by Dr. Edwards and the certified staff of Bio Health Center.

"No matter how skillful one becomes, the great mysteries of Life will always hover just out of reach. One can never know all the answers. In the reality of everyday medical practice, no one can guarantee any clinical result... but I and my certified staff can and do promise to try to help each individual patient to the best of our abilities, by using all our knowledge, skill and compassion. Having been trained as a 'medical scientist,' I can bear witness to the simple fact that statistical science and individual reality do not share the same experience. The Quantitative 'eye' of the scientist perceives a different Reality than the Qualitative 'I' of the patient. And yet modern statistical science dismisses individual patient experience as 'anecdotal' and 'biased.' Such dangerous nonsense has caused much suffering and harm. Individual patient experience is the only true measure of the Quality of care. Relief of suffering, not statistical significance, is the patients real quest, their only quest... and the true physician's ultimate goal. I believe it was in Plato's Phaedrus that Socrate's ask's, 'do we really need anyone to tell us what is right?' Homeopathic Integrative medical practice provides the patient and practitioner with simple, non-toxic methods of treatment for relief of suffering... a natural union of clinical Art and Science... the true essence of medical service."

- David A. Edwards, MD, HMD
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