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Bio Feedback therapy has been utilized in clinical psychology and clinical medicine for over ten years. It has been used to control high blood pressure, heart arrhythmias, anxiety states, asthma and other conditions with predictable success. Standard Bio Feedback as used in conventional medicine requires technology that allows the patient to observe various physiologic parameters, such as heartbeat, breathing rhythm and others while the patient then tries to consciously "control" the measured variable, such as lower blood pressure. The idea is for the patient to be able to "learn" how to achieve the desired clinical endpoint with the machine, and then to continue to keep the abnormal reaction or disturbed physiologic regulation under control without the machine after a suitable period of training. The method is currently accepted by the scientific community as a valid approach to controlling or eliminating some symptoms of physiologic "Dys-regulation".

Bioresonance Feedback therapy functions in a similar manner to standard Biofeedback therapy, with the exception that conscious mental processes in Bioresonance Feedback are not utilized for therapy. Instead, directly measured sub-liminal physiologic information processed by the computerized equipment is what forms the basis for reestablishing normal physiologic regulation. The procedure is actually quite simple and painless. The patient is connected to a machine that measures the imbalance of physiologic levels of electrical resistance to a small electrical galvanic current. Various combinations of these measurements are taken initially. This information is then processed through a series of electronic filters that determines the frequency, amplitude and configuration of physiologic bio-electro-magnetic impulses. Research in Europe has confirmed that biological electro-magnetic wave forms that are symmetrical (Sine waves) are related to a physiological state of "normal" or health, whereas any wave form detected that is asymmetrical (Stokes or Soliton waves) are equated with a state of physiologic "dys-regulation." These asymmetric wave forms are then filtered, inverted, canceled or deleted. The symmetrical sine wave or "healthy" wave forms are amplified and returned to the system as subliminal information that induces a normal state of physiologic regulation that promotes self-healing.

Research in Europe has recently demonstrated that water, which is the "universal solvent" in living systems, can be used to "store" and transfer "information." Interestingly, this information or coherent electromagnetic structure of the water can be transferred to computer memory and has also been transmitted through long distance telephonic systems. In fact, this phenomenon, referred to as "Digital Biology", is currently in the early stages of industrial and bio-medical application in Europe. Interestingly, this phenomenon has yet to be acknowledged by the American scientific or industrial community. The basic principle is really quite simple and safe. It is based on the fact that the water molecule is a magnetic dipole... meaning it responds to a magnetic field. Each individual molecule of water is a tiny non-metal magnet. a property called "para-magnetic," because it is "magnetic, but it is not a metal. The process is similar to crystalline semi-conductors or magnetic tape information storage. In other words, a group of water molecules can be "programmed" with information that can later be retrieved and decoded. The human body is made up of 70-90% water, depending on age.

The biological and biomedical application of this technology first began in Germany, but has also been scientifically reproduced in other European and the former Soviet block countries as well. Bioresonance Feedback therapy research has been conducted to determine the optimal frequencies and amplitudes of electromagnetic oscillations for certain measured "disease states." Now available in computerized form, this method can have astounding clinical effects. Dr. Edwards was trained and certified in Germany in the application of Bioresonance Feedback therapy. He and the certified staff of Bio Health Center believe that Bioresonance Feedback therapy represents yet another scientific breakthrough in the field of nontoxic Homeopathic Integrative medicine. It also gives patients an additional choice for their Homeopathic Integrative health care, and at Bio Health Center we believe it is all about your personal health care choice.

"The healthy patient is a harmonious integration of Mind, Body and Spirit. Disease may occur on any or all of these levels. After practicing clinical medicine for over 25 years, I have reached the profound recognition that much 'Disease' that afflicts Humanity is due to Man's imperfect understanding of himself and Nature. Although 'science' rejects any endeavor it views as 'metaphysical,' it is my professional opinion that any discipline that rejects the Spirit of Man cannot achieve final Wisdom."
- David A. Edwards, MD, HMD
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