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DEFINITION: Fatigue is the number one complaint we hear at Bio Health Center. No energy and lack of vitality seem to be epidemic in modern society. Chronic fatigue syndrome was first recognized in northern Nevada over 10 years ago, but there still is no specific diagnostic test and no scientifically accepted effective treatment. "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" (CFS), also called Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome or CFIDS, is usually caused by chronic viral infection, commonly involving a virus of the "Herpes" family. CFIDS was initially thought to be due to Epstein Barr "Mononucleosis" virus, but is now associated with several different viruses. Human Herpes Virus 6 seems to be the commonest scientifically reported. However, CFIDS may also represent a state of mold toxicity, environmental chemical toxicity or and/or a state of disordered physiologic Regulation of the Neuro-Endocrine-Immune system.

DIAGNOSIS: The diagnosis is made clinically by history and physical exam. Standard lab tests are usually normal or reveal only minor abnormalities, but should be checked first to avoid missing another, more obvious problem. Blood viral antibody titers to Epstein Bar (EBV), Cytomegalo virus (CMV), Herpes 6 (HHV6) and other herpes family viruses are currently the most "accurate" way of detecting the presence of one or more of these difficult viruses. From a Homeopathic Integrative medical standpoint, evaluation for environmental toxins, heavy metal toxicity, such as mercury from dental fillings and fungus/mold/yeast sensitivity and/or toxins may be indicated. Also, additional tests to assess the ability of body regulatory systems, including the immune, nervous and endocrine (hormone) systems, to function properly and assist in self-healing are usually performed.

TREATMENT: Conventional medical treatment mainly consists of rest, fluids and simply waiting. Most patients are ultimately told to live with the problem or they're given anti-depressant psychotropic drugs like Prozac™ or Zoloft™. Interestingly, Chronic fatigue is usually a relatively simple problem to correct using Homeopathic Integrative medicine. The actual underlying mechanism is usually one of Neuro-Endocrine-Immune dysregulation. When evaluated from an "Energy Medicine" diagnostic perspective using tests of physiologic regulatory function, most patients actually do have energy, but they cannot access it... they are cutoff from its source and are unable to proceed with self-healing. Eastern medicine refers to such problems as manifesting a Quality of "Stuckness" or the inability to self-heal. Homeopathic Integrative Regulation therapy methods, including nutrition, orthomolecular vitamin therapy, immune modulating herbal adaptogens, Homeopathy, medical Acupuncture therapies directed at stimulating the immune system to eliminate the virus and/or by attacking the virus directly with immune enhancing therapies, including Medical Ozone, Bio Oxidation Therapy, intravenous vitamin C, thymus extracts and Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Therapy are all useful in chronic fatigue syndrome. The treatment(s) used for a each patient depends on many factors, including how long they have been sick, to what degree they are limited in their function, how severe the illness, side effects of previous treatment(s), the cost, time commitment and personal choice. Bio Health Center's staff is certified to provide Homeopathic Integrative medical services. By choosing time and experience tested traditional Medical Arts, this all to common condition can be helped. ... and at Bio Health Center we believe it is All about your personal health care choice.

"The healthy patient is a harmonious integration of Mind, Body and Spirit. Dis-Ease may occur on any or all of these levels. After practicing clinical medicine for over 25 years, I have reached the profound recognition that much Disease that afflicts Humanity is due to Man's imperfect understanding of himself and Nature. Although 'science' rejects any endeavor it views as 'metaphysical,' it is my professional opinion that any discipline that rejects the Spirit of Man cannot achieve final Wisdom."
- David A. Edwards, MD, HMD
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