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"Natural Hormone" is one of the most misleading terms in medicine. In Homeopathy, "Natural Hormone" means "BIOLOGICALLY IDENTICAL" to those naturally found in the human body. "Bio-Identical Hormones" are plant based or "phyto-estrogens," but are altered in the laboratory to be identical to those normally found in humans. Hormones not normally found in humans are called Xeno hormones. A Xeno hormone may be "Natural," but NOT bio-identical. For example, the most common estrogen prescribed by conventional doctors is "NATURALLY" found in pregnant horse urine... a "Natural Xeno Estrogen," but it is NOT Bio-Identical. Xeno Estrogens are proven cancer causing agents, so this difference is important. "Natural versus synthetic" is a key phrase for much of Integrative Medicine (CAM). There is a world of important difference between the Bio Identical Hormones prescribed by Bio Health Center and the foreign or "Xeno" hormones and "synthetic" hormone therapy commonly prescribed in conventional medical practice. Nowhere is the difference between these two approaches as important for your personal health care as in the area of hormone replacement therapy.

A little background discussion of this matter is appropriate here. The members of the medical profession - both conventional and Homeopathic Integrative physicians - are greatly beholding to sectors of the Pharmaceutical Drug industry for providing modern therapeutic agents and techniques for the treatment of human disease. The pharmaceutical or drug industry is a major economic player in the greater medical care industry. For reasons of sound economic business practice, drug manufacturers are primarily interested in developing and marketing only drug products that can be patented. Many naturally occurring substances cannot be patented, and there is therefore no economic motivation for drug companies to develop or promote these. In fact, the pharmaceutical industry views these as "competition" for your "health care dollars." Herein lies the problem - and this is a particularly significant problem in the area of hormone products made available to practicing physicians, especially in the United States, where the giant pharmaceutical manufacturing industry has such awesome economic, political and media power. Fortunately, Natural Bio-Identical Hormones can be obtained from a compounding pharmacist. These are licensed health professionals that can custom make almost any needed prescription medication for a patient once prescribed by a licensed health care professional. Bio Health Center works with compounding pharmacists in Nevada and around the U.S. when prescribing Natural Bio-Identical Hormone replacement and supplement therapy

Menopause is the most common reason we are consulted about Hormone therapy. Most patients consult us about improving their Quality of Life and NOT for "health benefits." They want their symptoms relieved, their options explained and to be listened to about their concerns and fears. Menopausal symptoms are primarily subjective and what to do about them is truly a matter of individual personal choice. Fortunately, there are choices. Hormone therapy is also one of the few areas of medical practice where more than one person may be affected. Loss of Libido or Infertility are two common examples. Either condition can affect an entire family and Homeopathic Integrative medicine can be very effective in both conditions. Natural Infertility therapy is one of Bio Health Center's areas of specialization. Herbs, acupuncture, Thought Field Therapy, External Counterpulsation (ECP) Therapy and natural hormones may all be beneficial for women suffering from infertility. ...Dr. Edwards and the certified staff of Bio Health Center recommend Natural Bio-Identical Hormones for all patients considering hormone supplement or hormone replacement therapy. Whether for Menopause, PMS, Infertility or Anti-Aging therapy, Bio-Identical Hormones are always the best CHOICE whenever possible... and your personal health really is ALL about your Personal health carer Choice.

"No where in today's managed care, third party, media circus does anyone present the patient and clinical practitioners philosophy... For years I listened to the insurers, managers, experts, professors, news pundits, bureaucrats and opinion makers. But I ultimately realized that I still had to sleep at night. From all third party perspectives any clinical practice is, in essence, 'anecdotal.' So now I listen first and foremost to my conscience. I had good teachers, good mentors and loyal patients as well. Although I think 'science' is important, technology, politics and economics are not science. The professional oath I took upon becoming a physician was to relieve patient suffering, honor those who taught me, teach those willing to learn and reveal no information shared with me in confidence. It didn't have anything to do with third parties. That oath is our philosophy at Bio Health Center..."
- David A. Edwards, MD, HMD
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