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DEFINITION: Allergy probably causes more human misery than any other medical condition. Symptoms can range from mild seasonal annoyance to chronic, persistent problems that really make life miserable. The prevalence of allergies is increasing, and environmental pollution leads the list of probable reasons for this. In essence, an "allergic" reaction is an unusually sensitive immune reaction to something, called an "allergen," that does not cause most people to react. Medically speaking, Allergy is the result of an overactive, dysregulated immune-defense system.

DIAGNOSIS: Conventional diagnosis of allergy relies on skin testing, such as scratch tests, intradermal tests and patch tests. There are also blood tests that look for antibodies to the offending agent or "allergen" using RAST or ELISA technology. Interestingly, although a patient's history may be consistent with "allergy" to a substance, conventional medicine will usually deny there is allergy to that substance if the conventional allergy tests are normal. The homeopathic Integrative method for allergy testing may also use blood testing or skin testing, usually done with what is called titration end point neutralization intradermal tests, but there are other methods of testing utilized in the Homeopathic Integrative approach. At Bio Health Center allergy testing also includes Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS), a form of non-invasive electro-acupuncture, and NAET testing. NAET testing uses the muscle or kinesiology method of testing.

TREATMENT: Conventional medicine treats allergy as an acute inflammatory disease due mainly to inhaled triggers, like pollen or dust. Conventional allergy treatments usually include avoidance, symptom suppressing drugs and allergy shots. Interestingly, conventional scientific allergy vaccines are actually based on the the fundamental principle of Homeopathic Science. Simply put, this principle states that a very small amount of a substance that causes a problem is used to treat the problem. The same Homeopathic principle was also used to develop conventional vaccine therapy.

In essence, conventional allergy limits treatment to only what is triggering the allergy. Homeopathy also treats acute symptoms, but goes further than just symptom control. The Homeopathic Integrative approach includes detoxification and regulation of the over-burdened immune system. The methods available for treating allergy at Bio Health Center include Homeopathy, Herbal adaptogens, Bio Resonance Feedback therapy and NAET therapy. Conventional and Homeopathic medicine both treat what triggers the allergic reaction, but Homeopathic Integrative therapy also treats why the abnormal reaction is occurring. By addressing the "why" of allergy reactions, as well as the "what," an actual "curing" of the allergic reaction is possible. Homeopathic Integrative therapy offers another choice for allergy problems... and at Bio Health Center, we believe it's all about your health care choice.

"The healthy patient is a harmonious integration of Mind, Body and Spirit. Dis-Ease may occur on any or all of these levels. After practicing clinical medicine for over 25 years, I have reached the profound recognition that much Disease that afflicts Humanity is due to Man's imperfect understanding of himself and Nature. Although 'science' rejects any endeavor it views as 'metaphysical,' it is my professional opinion that any discipline that rejects the Spirit of Man cannot achieve final Wisdom."
- David A. Edwards, MD, HMD
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