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DEFINITION: Cancer (L. the Crab) is broadly defined as anything bad or harmful that spreads and destroys. In medicine, this usually means malignancy. The "malignant" aspect is based on unrestrained cell growth, a "de-differentiation" of mature nuclei to more primitive forms, and, interestingly, a "biochemical/genetic" form of immortality (an "escape" from normal pre-programed cell death, called "apoptosis"). There are different sub-types of Cancer, based on different cell-tissue classifications, including Carcinoma, Sarcoma and "non-solid tumors" (ie Leukemia). In addition, the "degree" of malignancy may vary from slow growing, non-life threatening to explosive and rapidly spreading Cancer.

DIAGNOSIS: The "actual" scientific diagnosis of "Cancer" is purely subjective (i.e. a trained person (pathologist) visually makes a decision based mostly on what is observed microscopically). Legally the diagnosis of cancer requires a biopsy or other tissue cytology specimen that allows a trained pathologist to study the cellular characteristics microscopically. Most biopsies are reviewed by several pathologists and even several different hospitals before a final opinion is rendered. Cancers are then usually "staged" as to area(s) of involvement, cell type, presence or absence of other symptoms, etc. before treatment is recommended. In addition to evaluating the tissue specimen, severity and size, symptoms and possible spread of the primary cancer, Integrative Medicine also evaluates the potential underlying trigger(s) to developing cancer, including environmental toxin(s), disturbances in the Neuro-Endocrine-Immune System, the effects of Stress and Physiologic Regulatory Systems.

TREATMENT: Most serious Cancers are not curable, simply controllable. This is why the term "disease-free survival" rather than "cure" is used scientifically when treating cancer. Standard conventional cancer therapies segregate into three main groups: surgery, radiation and metabolic poisons (chemotherapy). These are destructive therapies with serious side-effects, but can sometimes result in prolonged survival. However, after the "acute crisis," is treated with conventional medicine, only observation for recurrence is usually done. In Homeopathic Integrative therapy, the tumor or seed and the patient terrain or soil in which the tumor grows and spreads are equally important in treatment and prevention. Correcting pH, metabolic and Oxidative imbalances and strengthening the Terrain is as important in the Homeopathic approach as treating the cancer itself.

Homeopathic Integrative Cancer therapy also follows the European approach of enhancing natural immune defense using Detoxification, Nutrition and Metabolic Support to stimulate self-healing. Comprehensive Homeopathic Integrative Cancer therapy also focuses on reducing ("debulking") or eliminating the tumor mass whenever possible, but Nutrition Support (Diet, Vitamins, Enzymes, etc.), Immune Support (Ozone, UVBI Therapy, Regulation Therapy, Herbs, Orthomolecular Therapy, Regulation Support of the Neuro-Endocrine-Vegetative systems of the body (Acupuncture, Bio-Resonance Feedback, Thought Field Therapy), Spiritual Support, Metabolic Support (Insulin, Oxidative methods, Orthomolecular, Poly MVA DNA reductase) and Detoxification (Acupuncture, Herbs, Chelation therapy, Homeopathics, etc.) are also used. In Homeopathic Integrative Medicine the Person as well as the "dis-ease" is treated. Support, treatment and future prevention are the goals at Bio Health Center.

It is well know in science that anyone who survives one cancer is 200 times more likely to develop a second cancer then someone who has never had cancer. Standard, conventional follow-up cancer care usually focuses on detecting recurrences and not on active prevention. A Homeopathic Integrative approach provides additional preventive choices. By integrating time-tested and multi-cultural based forms of Homeopathic Integrative cancer care the patient becomes actively involved in decision making and has the advantage of wider choices for treatment, prevention and support... And at Bio Health Center we believe it is All about your personal health care choice.

"The healthy patient is a harmonious integration of Mind, Body and Spirit. Disease may occur on any or all of these levels. After practicing clinical medicine for over 25 years, I have reached the profound recognition that much Disease that afflicts Humanity is due to Man's imperfect understanding of himself and Nature. Although 'science' rejects any endeavor it views as 'metaphysical,' it is my professional opinion that any discipline that rejects the Spirit of Man cannot achieve final Wisdom."
- David A. Edwards, MD, HMD
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